Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Monthly Wrap Up

Hello Luvlies! 

January, 2015

I can't believe how fast January flew by! The beginning to a great year is well on it's way! Hopefully you all had an amazing January!

 Movie Adaptations:

Not much happened this month in the way of book to movie adaptations, but what has happened is sure to be exciting!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Jewel (the Lone City #1)

Hello Luvlies!

Author: Amy Ewing
Pages: 368
Publication date: September 2, 2014

    The Jewel means wealth. The Jewel means beauty. The Jewel means royalty. But for girls like Violet, the Jewel means servitude. Violet, born and raised in the Marsh, has only been trained as a surrogate for the royalty-because in the Jewel the only thing more important than opulence is offspringPurchased at the surrogacy the auction by the Duchess of the Lake and greeted with a slap to the face Violet, (now knows as #197) quickly learns of the brutal truths that lie beneath the Jewel's glittering facade: the cruelty, backstabbing, and hidden violence that have become the royal way of life. 

Friday, January 2, 2015


Hello Luvlies!

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Pages: 448
Publication date: September 10, 2013

    Cath is a Simon and Snow fan...
But for Cath, being a fan is her life-and she's really good at it. She and her twin sister, Wren, ensconced themselves in the Simon Snow series when they were just kids; it's what got them through their mother leaving.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

This Year In Wrap 2014

Hello Luvlies!

    2014 has come and gone so fast I can hardly believe it! So many great things were accomplished in 2014, so lets get started!

 This year marks the first year anniversary of Luvlie Readings, that's right! Luvlie Readings is officially one year old. We started off like any toddler of a site learning to crawl then walk but soon enough  flew forward so fast. I am enormously proud of what