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(That's me incase you hadn't noticed) My name is Emily, I am your  average eleventh grade girl who just cant seem to read enough. I have a dog, who is the best side kick (and the cutest) on the whole internet and I'm sure of it. I mostly spend my days watching the History Channel or Supernatural *cough, huge fan, cough*, reading, or managing Luvlie Readings. I HATE to be cold, so even in the summer I have been found to wear long sleeves! I love photography, 

*here's some of mine*

fairy tales, and I am a 60's girl at heart. I love hearing from fans of the blog so don't be afraid to shoot me and email or message me on social media! (Links below)

     I created Luvlie Readings because I wanted to share my love of reading with the world. I love being able to share my view on a story with others around me, or far away from me, which I aim to accomplish with Luvlie Readings. The design of the blog in some ways represents myself. Much like the colors I am bright and happy and I love flowers, little birds, and the color white. I hope to be able to spread a little happiness in your day every time you read a review. I hope I am able to please you through my words. If you would like to contact me please send me an email from the Contact Me page and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible. You can also find Luvlie Readings on social media and contact me there. Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate you all and cant wait to see where Luvlie Readings leads us in the future.



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      My review policy is really quite simple, if its YA I'll read and review it any time, any place! I love reading and reviewing YA so there will never be a time I post a review for non YA literature (most likely). If I am approached by any readers of my blog through *email only*, asking for a certain book to be reviewed the chances I will review it are very high, so don't be afraid to ask! (I promise I wont bite!) The same applies to authors, I have been approached by several, expect to see those reviews up fairly soon!

Much love!


  1. Adorable book blog, love your reviews!
    If you feel like stopping by: http://simplybookishthings.blogspot.com/
    Kristin @ Simply Bookish Things

    1. Thank you so much, that's so sweet of you to say!