Friday, September 18, 2015

Author Interview (Featured Author Week 3)

Hello Luvlies!

This week I am so excited to release my interview with Brittney Mulliner! Lets get started! 

Question 1:
What was your inspiration to become an author?
I really wanted to contribute my perspective to the YA world. I got sick of reading YA books with underage drinking, drugs, and sex. Some people think that’s realistic and necessary for a good story, but I want to prove that wrong.
Question 2:
What is your biggest writing related ‘pet-peeve’?
When I plot and outline the story to go one way and my characters decide to throw that out the window and completely change directions. It ends up being a good thing and makes the story more natural, but I always feel like I’m throwing away hours of work.
Question 3:
Would you consider writing one of your biggest achievements? How so?
I rank it up there with marrying my husband and graduating college. I wrote and published my first book while working thirty hour weeks, finishing my senior year of school, and saying hi to my husband on a daily basis. I think if I could live through that I can pretty much do any hard thing.
Question 4:
Have you ever based your characters off of someone you know/have met in the real world?
Oh yes! Most of them have read the books and picked up on the characters based on them. I was worried at first about how they would react, but everyone loves it so far. Now I have friends asking to be added into the next book. They think it’s pretty cool.
Question 5:
Do you have any funny, strange, or outright odd writing rituals? What are they?
I think I’m perfectly normal all of the time, but my husband has told me that when I’m in the “writing zone” a bomb could go off two feet from me and I wouldn’t blink. Obviously I have no idea what he’s talking about.
Question 6:
How long have you been writing?
I started writing with the intention of publishing in May 2014.
Question 7:
Where do you get your information / ideas for your book(s)?
My first book was based on a dream I had about a Stalker following me and my best friend and I actually remembered it when I woke up. I have a few other projects that are inspired by songs, past experiences, and an overactive imagination.
Question 8:
What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I have a full-time big girl job that takes up most of my time. Before work I work out and after work I write and say hi to my husband.
Question 9:
What was one of the biggest things you learned while writing your first novel?
You can’t please everyone. I’ve had so many experiences of two people giving me completely contradictory reviews on the same exact thing. You can’t take anything to heart, though.

Question 10:
What do your family & friends think of your writing?
My mom is my number one fan. She begs for rough drafts and always wants to know where the stories are going. My husband and dad and brothers have never read anything, but are supportive in their own ways. Most people that have known me for a long time are shocked that I’ve started writing then even more shocked after they read it and think it’s good. I don’t know how I should feel about them being surprised by that…
Question 12:
What helps you get past writers block the most?
Working on another project. Once I get into the flow of writing again on a different story it’s easier to gain a fresh perspective on the other works.
Question 13:
Is there any news you can share about your next novel?
I’m working on the third book in the series and am really excited about how it’s coming together! It will be out Fall 2015.

Many thanks to Brittney for letting me interview her! 
Stay tuned for the surprise post next week! 

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