Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Thirteenth Hour

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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing
Author: Joshua Blum
Pages: 330
Publication date: January 13, 2015

 This is the story for everyone who has been told to get their head out of the clouds and stop daydreaming. 
    When a young boy falls asleep during school one day, he is transported to another world, where he witnesses the tale of Logan, a young man, and a Aurora, his childhood friend, as they journey to the four corners of the Earth and encounter many exotic creatures, situations, and perils in a quest to find the secret to eternal life for a self-centered ruler. 
    Part adventure story, part travelogue, and part introspective narrative detailing the struggles we all face when becoming adults, The Thirteenth Hour contains over 35 illustrations, music written specifically for the story, and a rich world both on and off-line that was sixteen years in the making.

    First of all, I would like to send a huge thank you to Joshua Blum, for sending me a copy of The Thirteenth Hour! I had such a great time reading it! To start off, I really loved the concept of a boy falling asleep in class, with the story all his dream. It is definitely a unique view and something that I would never have thought to write a story on myself. I really enjoyed the whole concept of the book and the writing style was very enjoyable! 

    Logan and Aurora were so much fun to read about! every twist and turn of the book was filled with humor and it was so much fun! I really enjoyed their quest especially. It involved many mythical creatures that made the story just that much more entertaining and fun to read! 
    I really loved this book partially because it reminded me of the story's that I would read as a little girl, yet this book is great for any age. It is a timeless coming of age story that I know had let me really look at my life and what I am heading towards in my future. The illustrations were so fun and added a great element to the story. My only real issue with the book was the time it took me to read it. I spent quite a long time on it, however, it was definitely worth the read and I loved the time I got to read it. 

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